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Bill of Materials

Qty Part Specific Use Recommended Purchase
1 Power Supply 24v 4.2A Potrans Power Supply
3 Stepper Motors Nema17 60 oz/in
2 Pulley MXL 18 Tooth, 5mm bore, DF
16 Dual Bearing V Wheel 4 per carriage
8 Eccentric Spacers 2 per carriage
4 Smooth Idlers 2/X-axis, 2/Y-axis
4 Belting 2ft/X-axis, 2ft/Y-axis
1 Z-Axis Bearing 608ZZ Bearing 8x22x7
1 Z-Axis Delrin Nut Delrin Nut with 8mm threads
4 0.125" Spacers 4 required but 100 in pack
12 0.75" Spacers 12 required but 100 in pack
110 5mm Washers
24 5mm Nuts
1 8mm Threaded Rod 225mm 225mm required, 1 meter stick
4 3mm x 50mm bolt
16 5mm x 8mm bolt
24 5mm x 30mm bolt
4 5mm x 55mm bolt
2 8mm Nut
4 Insertion Nuts HFS5 Series Insertion Nuts
1 Z-Axis Coupler 5mm to 8mm Flex Coupler
3 MakerSlide 375mm Order qty:3 @ 375mm length
1 MakerSlide 200mm Order qty1 @ 200mm length
1 Standard Plate Standard Wheel Carriage Plate
3 Mount Plate 10ga A36 Steel
2 End Plates 10ga A36 Steel
1 Z-Axis Plate 1 piece - UHMW
1 Spindle Mount (top) 2" Clamping U-Bolt
1 Spindle Mount (bottom) 1-7/8" Clamping U-Bolt

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